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Korea M&A Corporation

As the first independent financial advisory boutique in Korea, we offer a great ideas that makes a distinct difference to our clients.

We are now beginning to build global network and evolve a different sort of private equity firm.

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Company Establishment

1995 SM Kwon established the first M&A advisory boutique in Korea.

Acquisition of Willbes

1997 KMNA adviced on acquisition of Willbes listed in KOSPI.

Acquisition of KTB Network & Auction & Job Korea

1999 KMNA adviced on acquisiton of KTB Network, Auction and JobKorea by Willbes.

Divestment of Auction to e-Bay.com

2001 KMNA adviced that Willbes had divested the major share of Auction to e-Bay.com listed in NASDAQ.

Investment in Game companies (Ndoors, Next Play)

2003 Investing in Ndoors and Next Play which are online game companies.

Divestment of Job Korea to Monster.com (NASDAQ)

2005 Adviced on divestment of Job Korea to Monster.com listed in NASDAQ.

Divestment of Korea Cable TV to CJ

2007 Adviced on divestmet of Korea Cable TV to CJ.

Divestment of Ndoors to Nexon and Next Play to NC Soft

2010 Adviced on divestment of Ndoors to Nexon which is No.1 game company and divestment of Next play to NC soft listed in KOSDAQ.

Divestment of Plasmart

2011 Adviced on divestemtn of Plasmart to MKS instrument listed in NASDAQ.

Hillstone Partners acquired Korea M&A Corporation

2012 Hillstone Partners acquired Korea M&A Corporation from SM Kwon.

Fund raising of JP company

2014 Adviced on fund raising of JP company - Online Cosmetic Platform.

Fund raising of ArtiFriends

2017 Adviced on fund raising of ArtiFriends - Blockchain Tech venture.

Investing in EQBR

2020 Investing in EQBR which is FinTech venture.

Investing in xingxing scooter

2021 Adviced on investing in xingxing scooter business which is the one of top tier scooter ventures.

Korea M&A was acquired by Francis Han

2021 Francis Han acquired Korea M&A Corporation and became the major shareholder of Korea M&A Corporation.

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